About Us

Name of Organization:  Ilonggo Association of Southern California, Inc.

Business Entity No.  C3279831

Tax Identity No. 27-2115976

Purpose & Objective:

  •  The objectives are to unite Filipino Ilonggos and Filipino Americans residing      in the United States of America, whom by birth, ancestry, or marital affinity came from Panay Region.
  • To develop and promote fellowship and encourage technical and professional  enhancements.
  •  To provide guidance and assistance to members in their economic, social,           cultural, educational, technical and professional needs.
  • To participate in community, civic and humanitarian programs.
  • To raise funds to be expended for humanitarian cause and projects.
  • To preserve and maintain the customs and traditions of our birthplace.
  • Be non-racial, non-sectarian, non-profit and non-political

Brief History of the New Ilonggo Association


By: Ernie Bulilan

It was on a rainy day of December 14, 2003 that old friends from the San Fernando Valley, Long Beach, Los Angeles area, and San Diego gathered for a potluck Christmas Party at the residence of Luis Servando. Surprisingly, 22 able bodied men attended the celebration not knowing that this day will make a difference in our lives. We talked and drank to our wits when Bebing Gotico, Freddie Abadiano, Third and Willy Alejandria, Vic Balsomo and I suggested that we should revive the Ilonggo Association. In unison and without second thought everyone agreed and new ideas filled and echoed throughout the room. I presided the opening of the meeting and was delegated to draft the Constitution and By-laws of the association. Interim officers were elected then. It was the jubilant Roen Fernandez who suggested that we should meet again and on January 11, 2004, the association’s Constitution and By-laws were presented, discussed, deliberated, corrected, ratified, and approved followed by the election of its charter officers.

On January 11, 2004 the Ilonggo Association was re-born.  New vision. New mission. Thanks to the generosity of the Servando family. May God Bless The Ilonggo Association. More Power.

Mabuhay ang mga Ilonggo’s sa America!

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